Sweet Pure Auto CBD cannabis seeds by Sweet Seeds


The Sweet Pure Auto CBD cannabis strain is absolutely what the doctor recommended. This strain has less than 1% THC, making it a purely medicinal hybrid strain. With nearly 20% CBD, this should be your go-to strain when you need to alleviate any ailment. You can expect a harvest within 8-weeks, making this the ultimate CBD strain.

Technical details

  • Breeder: Sweet Seeds
  • Genotype: 55% Indica / 44,6% Sativa / 0,4% Ruderalis
  • CBD level: 8-20% / Less than 1% THC
  • Dominant terpene: Limonene
  • Genetic lineage: Sweet Pure CBD x Honey Peach Auto CBD
  • Medicinal use: Stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain


    The Sweet Pure Auto CBD cannabis strain is unique because it offers a substantial amount of medicine packed into its dense buds. At a ratio of 1:23 (THC: CBD), it ranks as one of the strongest CBD strains that we have on offer. This strain was made possible by crossing Sweet Pure CBD and Honey Peach Auto CBD. The result was a fast-finishing auto-flowering cannabis strain that nips pain in the bud – every time.

    Growing Sweet Pure Auto CBD cannabis seeds isn’t meant to be difficult. This strain requires a standard dose of nutrients, along with care. Grow her in rows in the Sea of Green method, and you’ll be left with tall-stemmed plants with a large apical bud.

    Once harvest time arrives, you’ll be pleased to know that her calyx-to-leaf ratio is high, making her a breeze to trim.

    Sweet Pure Auto CBD is versatile, making her ideal to grow indoors or outdoors. Here are some tips that can help you to improve your growing results:

    • Indoor Yield – 450g/m² under 600w HID.
    • Outdoor Yield – 150-grams per plant in full sun.
    • Grows short (80cm), ideal for Sea of Green method.


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