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Few cannabis strains have a reputation like Northern Lights – an iconic strain that has left a lasting footprint on the industry since being introduced to the market in the ‘80s. We at Herbies just couldn’t stand aside and bred this evergreen standard ourselves for your pleasure.

Technical details

  • Breeder: Seedstockers / Pyramid Seeds / Herbies Seeds
  • Genotype: 90% Indica / 10% Sativa
  • Dominant terpene: Caryophyllene
  • Genetic lineage: Indica variety from Afghanistan
  • Medicinal use: Stress, anxiety, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, lack of appetite, insomnia, Tourette’s syndrome


Northern Lights is a classic Indica-dominant hybrid that was originally bred in the United States in the late 1980s as an indoor strain. Since then, it has dominated harvest festivals, winning several Cannabis Cup awards. This famed relaxant gets its name from its distinctive looks; the plants develop resinous, crystal-coated buds that sometimes reveal themselves in hues of green and purple, just like the aurora borealis.

Just a couple of strains, like Skunk #1 and Haze, come close to matching its influence on the world of cannabis. Northern Lights has set the bar for other Indicas and remains one of the most trusted names in the game to this day.


Northern Lights is considered a descendant of pure Afghani and Thai landrace strains, though its exact origin remains a bit of a mystery. This strain has since given birth to hundreds of new varieties, including world-famous ones like Shiva Skunk and Super Silver Haze, and it continues to inspire experienced and beginner breeders alike.

Flowering Time

Northern Lights has a fairly short flowering time of 40 to 50 days, after which you can expect to get a generous harvest.


In indoor grows, Northern Lights produces 400 to 500 grams per square meter (1.3-1.6 oz/ft²). Outdoor yields range between 1200 and 1300 g (42.3-45.8 oz) per plant.


Thanks to its genetic roots, Northern Lights produces all the effects typical of a strong Indica – it slams you into a numbed, relaxed mode with euphoric feelings settling in firmly throughout the body. This strain will put you in an all-around feel-good state that’s great for enjoying a quiet evening on your own or with your loved ones. Some users may also find themselves feeling creative and reflective for some time.

Medical Properties

Given its high THC content, Northern Lights is well received by medical cannabis users, as it’s known to help combat insomnia, nausea, fatigue, chronic pain, and appetite disorders.

THC Levels

Northern Lights is a real THC powerhouse, usually clocking in between 17 and 23%, while its CBD levels are practically non-existent.

Smell and Taste

The plants develop dense, thick buds known for their pungently sweet and sour flavor profile with fruity notes. Northern Lights is big among Indica lovers thanks in no small part to the smoke that can taste earthy and hashy on the exhale.

Grow Tips

As an Indica-leaning hybrid, Northern Lights is reasonably easy to grow both indoors and out. Inside, the crops grow to 100-120 cm (3’3-3’9) tall, while outdoor-grown plants reach up to 150 cm (4’9) in height.

  • When grown outside, this strain flourishes in sunny climates where the summers are long and steamy, such as in the Mediterranean.
  • Indoors, Northern Lights responds well to the SOG method, and you can use soil or hydroponics as a growing medium.
  • Like most marijuana plants, this herb needs high levels of nitrogen during veg and high amounts of phosphorus and potassium during the flowering stage.

If you’re looking to buy world-famous strain seeds at a reasonable price, Herbies is the place to go! Feel free to choose from a variety of shipping and payment options – and make no mistake, your order will be delivered as quickly and discreetly as possible.


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