Mandarine Jam cannabis seeds by Sensi Seeds


Mandarine Jam Feminized seeds produce an indica-dominant plant. This plant grows bushy with multiple sturdy branches that support XL yields. The terpene profile is strong and stimulating. Effects from the Mandarine Jam Feminized flowers are long-lasting. The bright purple hues adorning the buds make this strain stand apart from the pack.

Technical details

  • Breeder: Sensi Seeds
  • Genotype: 80% Indica / 20% Sativa
  • Dominant terpene: Limonene
  • Genetic lineage: Pink Kush x Lemon Haze
  • Medicinal use: Stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, insomnia


About Mandarine Jam Feminized

Flowers from Mandarine Jam Feminized are a mouthwatering delight. Tropical and citrus zest stimulates the senses while the effects of this strain tickle the brain. This plant grows tall, but that extra real estate fills with gorgeous purple flowers covered with cannabinoid-filled trichomes. Gardeners who enjoy dry sift will appreciate the excellent quality heads Mandarine Jam Feminized can offer.

Growth Pattern of Mandarine Jam Feminized

Mandarine Jam Feminized is an 80% indica / 20% sativa plant created by outcrossing Pink Kush (OG Kush phenotype) with a Lemon Haze as part of our exclusive Breeding Grounds collaboration with Fat Beans. Although sativa is a minor portion of the genetic, Mandarine Jam Feminized can grow tall like a Haze. Internodal spacing is average, but the many branches give this plant a bushy structure. Influence from the indica genetics is on full display with a quick 45 to 55-day flowering duration.

Mandarine Jam is a feminized seed, and growers are assured of only desirable female plants in the garden. As a photoperiod seed, the gardener controls how long to keep the plant vegetation.

Because this plant can reach 160-200 cm indoors with the right conditions, a short vegetative period is recommended. Mandarine Jam Feminized can also be grown outdoors in temperate / Continental climates, where it can reach heights near 220 cm or more.

Common plant training techniques can be used to help increase the XL yield potential of Mandarine Jam Feminized. SCROG, SOG, Supercropping, and Lollipopping are all effective techniques. Buds grow into chunky clusters of dense purple flowers handsomely adorned with deep, vibrant orange stigmas.

When all environmental parameters are met and maintained, yields from Mandarine Jam Feminized can be XL. Indoor growers can reach yields of 550-600 grams per m², while outdoor growers have seen up to and sometimes over 600 grams per plant.

Effects, taste, and smell of Mandarine Jam Feminized

The effects of Mandarine Jam Feminized are long-lasting and heavy-hitting. Using independent lab testing, results for this strain have tested at 24% THC. This strain starts with a euphoric stone that doesn’t fade. Instead, the uplifted and engaged mind remains functional as the body downshifts into relax mode. A perfect combination for unwinding after a long day.

Mandarine Jam Feminized has a sensational terpene profile. Even while growing, deliciously sweet floral notes fill the air in the grow room. Once finished, dried, and cured, the flowers have loud aromas that reek of tropical fruits, orange peels, and other citrus notes. The refreshing scent of Mandarine Jam Feminized will open your eyes and awaken your senses.

The flavour profile of Mandarine Jam Feminized is part candy and part zesty citrus. At first, there is a sweetness to the flavour, reminiscent of hard orange candies. Shortly thereafter, the citrus bite takes hold and visions of freshly picked mandarins and groves of tropical fruit trees on a warm day spring to mind. This flavour profile is excellent for those seeking crowd-friendly options.

Did you know?
  • Winner of several cups for extractions
  • Produces excellent dry-sift and ice-o-lator hash
  • High THC strain
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