CBD Charlotte’s Angel cannabis seeds by Dutch Passion


Charlotte’s Angel has a special and unique effect. It is a non-psychoactive variety with medical effects but without the high. She does give a ‘physical high’ which is mainly expressed in a calming and anti-stress effect.

Technical details

  • Breeder: Dutch Passion
  • Genotype: Sativa dominant
  • CBD level: 15% / Less than 1% THC
  • Dominant terpene: Limonene
  • Genetic lineage: Dutch Charlotte x Red Angel
  • Medicinal use: Stress, anxiety, depression, attention deficit disorder with or without hyperactivity, chronic pain, insomnia
  • Awards: CBD Charlotte’s Angel won 1st place in the CBD category at the Highlife Cannabis Cup in Neherlands in 2018, 3rd place at the Expogrow in Irun and 2nd place at the CBD Rich Cup in Spain in 2019


Why should I buy CBD Charlotte’s Angel feminised seeds?
  • CBD Charlotte’s Angel is a tall plant with large buds, this CBD-rich strain has an extremely high CBD content averaging around 15%
  • It is a strong plant that grows vigorously during the vegetative phase and can stretch considerably during the flowering phase
  • CBD Charlotte’s Angel is known for her large buds of very good quality. In addition to the powerful cannabinoid profile, this strain also has a pungent and tasty terpene profile
  • CBD Charlotte’s Angel is loved by medical and recreational users alike looking for a high-CBD strain with a relaxing, calming high. It’s the ideal strain if you want to smoke something tasty, but don’t want to get stoned
  • CBD Charlotte’s Angel, our 3-time cup winner with a very high CBD content and a relaxed calming high

    CBD Charlotte’s Angel won her first prize right after her introduction in 2018 at the Highlife Cannabis Cup in the Netherlands, winning 1st prize in the CBD category. A year later she managed to get another 2 cups. She took 3rd prize at the Expogrow in Irun in 2019 and the same year she also came 2nd at the CBD Rich Cup in Spain. In total that’s 3 prizes from 3 different cups for this beautiful CBD rich strain!

    CBD Charlotte’s Angel has a herbal aroma with notes of diesel, citrus and pine. A pungent and unique terpene profile

    CBD Charlotte’s Angel® is a sativa dominant CBD variety (averaging around 10% to 16% CBD) with a very low THC content, always below 1%. She has a very spicy aroma with strong diesel undertones and a mix of citrus and pine. Some phenotypes show a more earthy character with notes of blueberry and spice. The strain has a very pungent aroma which is strongly expressed during the grinding of the dried buds and during smoking. This is certainly not a dull or simple terpene profile! Most growers are pleasantly surprised by the smell and taste of this CBD strain. Unlike CBD-rich strains from other seed banks, our CBD Charlotte’s Angel really stands out, no wonder we have already won 3 cups within 2 years!

    CBD Charlotte’s Angel is a CBD-rich strain with a very high CBD content of around 15% on average and an extremely low THC content of under 1%

    CBD Charlotte’s Angel is a Sativa dominant CBD rich strain with a medium to long flowering time. This strain has been developed for the highest possible CBD content while keeping the THC level as low as possible. After many years of testing and development, it has finally been possible to stabilise the chemical profile of this strain. It is the strain with the highest CBD content in our collection, on average this will be around 10-15%, but phenotypes have been found that produce up to 20-25% CBD. The THC level is always low and below 1%, but here too there are some differences to be discovered. Some plants have only 0 – 0.3% THC where others are approximately between 0.4 and 0.8% THC, this also depends on the growing conditions and cultivation equipment.

    What kind of genetics are there exactly in CBD Charlotte’s Angel?

    The first low-THC variety from Dutch Passion; CBD Charlotte’s Angel. The genetics come from Dutch Charlotte, crossed with Red Angel (CBD-rich cuttings). This new hybrid has introduced many new inexperienced cannabis users to consuming cannabis buds in a pleasant way. Charlotte’s Angel does not give you a strong high like a THC-rich strain. Rather than having an intoxicating and sometimes strong mental effect, this strain actually provides a more relaxed and calming feeling. This makes CBD Charlotte’s Angel very popular with consumers who want to enjoy a tasty joint without getting stoned. She gives a positive feeling of well-being, this cannot be explained without trying it yourself!

    CBD Charlotte’s Angel grows strongly with large long buds, her Sativa dominant nature makes her suitable for both the SCROG and SOG cultivation methods

    CBD Charlotte’s Angel has a strong tendency to grow fast and stretch during both the growth and flowering stages. This lady deserves enough space to reach her full potential. This means that if you grow naturally you can usually work with fewer plants per m2. The plant normally grows in a full Sativa-dominant Christmas tree structure, with large fan leaves and strong side branches that also want to grow quickly. Do not grow her too long in vegetative growth, as this can cause problems in flowering in terms of space/stretch in the bloom phase.

    This is a strain that does not like too much nutrition during the growth phase, so build up your dosage gradually and preferably grow completely organically. CBD Charlotte’s Angel is suitable for a variety of cultivation techniques and growing methods. For example, you can top or ‘fim’ her to make her bushier/wider and control her height. You can also bend, snap, ‘crop’ and ‘super crop’ her. The large fan leaves leaves can sometimes block the light from the underlying growth shoots. You can remove or trim these fan leaves, so that the light can pass through better.

    Most plants will stretch during the flowering phase for 4-5 weeks. CBD Charlotte’s Angel is very vigorous and can grow about 150-300% during this phase. Her plant structure can best be described as large and stretchy. The internode distance is medium to large and the leaves have a structure that mainly conveys Sativa characteristics, large, thin and long with slender blades.

    The genetics used for CBD Charlotte’s Angel guarantees the following properties:
    • A Sativa dominant strain with a beautiful slender plant structure
    • Strong, fast growing plants with a demonstrably high CBD content and low THC content
    • Buds with a pungent spicy aroma with notes of diesel, citrus and earth

    CBD Charlotte’s Angel is the ideal strain for those looking for a strong plant with a very high proven CBD level and a relaxing, soothing high.

    Effects of CBD Charlotte’s Angel

    Charlotte’s Angel has a special and unique effect. It is a non-psychoactive variety with medical effects but without the high. She does give a ‘physical high’ which is mainly expressed in a calming and anti-stress effect. Consumers have the same pleasant experience, taste and aroma that they get from THC-rich varieties. You don’t feel high, but you still experience a pleasant feeling. This high can also involve mental aspects, but not in the way you might be used to from a THC-rich strain. Some users report a sense of creativity and focus after smoking / vaping this strain. This can of course be made up for with the terpenes that are in this strain. Others indicate that the high has a very relaxing effect on your body, can reduce pain and ensure a better night’s sleep.

    The bloom time of CBD Charlotte’s Angel

    CBD Charlotte’s Angel typically has an average flowering time of between 9 and 12 weeks from the time she is set to 12/12. Most phenotypes will take around 11-12 weeks to fully flower. However, there are also some faster phenotypes (with more Indica dominant genes) that are ready to harvest within 8-9 weeks. These faster phenos also have the most compact buds and sometimes show beautiful colours in the bud (purple / rose-pink tones).

    The longest flowering phenotypes may even require an extra week or 2. These very Sativa dominant plants often resemble a jungle Sativa, with very thin leaves, great stretch and a top filled with foxtails. These ladies will have to stand a little longer to fully ripen, but often give a larger plant and a larger yield.

    The yield from CBD Charlotte’s Angel

    CBD Charlotte’s Angel is a high yielding plant. Her XL mark indicates she has the potential to provide a large yield. Due to the fast vigorous growth and elongation during the flowering phase, you generally get large plants with a high yield. Keep in mind the layout of your space because before you know it she has completely taken over your grow room!

    In general, yields of around 400-450g/m2 can be obtained with this strain. However, larger yields are possible in the hands of an expert and with the SCROG technique. 500+ g/m2 is certainly possible if you know how to tame this lady. She is mainly suitable for indoor cultivation. Due to her long flowering time, she is not particularly suitable for growing in moderate temperate climates. If you are looking for a strain for this type of climate, it is better to go for the CBD Auto Charlotte’s Angel or the CBD Auto Blackberry Kush.

    Do you grow in the tropics or subtropics? Then our photoperiod CBD Charlotte’s Angel can offer a solution. This Sativa dominant lady has the right vigour and structure to thrive in these climates.

    Advice from our experts

    CBD Charlotte’s Angel excels in a SCROG, but can also be grown perfectly in a SOG or naturally. The best advice we can give is to take sufficient account of the degree of stretch and the final height of the plants. With the SCROG technique you can of course already keep her height under control. In a SOG it is important to work with very short vegetative periods (max 2 weeks), she can also be set to grow under 12/12 lighting conditions directly after germination. With the natural growing method it is important to have sufficient height in your grow room and to have sticks + strings available for the stretching phase.

    At the end of the flowering phase, the long branches with large flowers require some support to stay upright. Be careful with food as she doesn’t like a lot of food in the early stages so build up the dosage very gradually for best results.

    Information about CBD Charlotte’s Angel

    This CBD-rich strain has been deliberately stabilised on the chemical profile of the plant as far as possible. The goal was therefore to achieve a very high CBD content in combination with a very low THC content at all times. This has succeeded! Because of this focus, this cultivar brings with it some different phenotypes. Some plants are slightly more compact in structure, faster in flowering and more compact on top. On the other hand, there are also longer flowering phenos that get a lot bigger and stretch a lot during the flowering phase, with a more open top structure. There is something for everyone.


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