Bubba Island Kush cannabis seeds by Dutch Passion


Her compact growth structure with short internodes makes Bubba Island Kush a very suitable plant to grow with the SOG method. She also does well when grown naturally. Because of the strong branches and her compact structure she has no trouble standing upright, even when grown outdoors. Although she was originally developed as a cannabis strain for indoor cultivation, she can also be grown outdoors thanks to her fast flowering time.

Technical details

  • Breeder: Dutch Passion
  • Genotype: Indica dominant
  • Dominant terpene: Caryophyllene
  • Genetic lineage: Grandaddy Purple x OG Kush x Pre-98 Bubba Kush
  • Medicinal use: Stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, lack of appetite, insomnia


Why should I buy Bubba Island Kush feminised seeds?
  • She is a relatively compact cannabis plant with a short/medium internode distance and rock-hard buds
  • It is an Indica-dominant Kush hybrid with a unique terpene profile and a sour fruity Kush aroma. Very pungent
  • One of the faster bloomers in our collection. Some phenotypes take as little as 7-7.5 weeks to fully ripen
  • Bubba Island Kush is a dark coloured Indica with compact buds packed with glittering trichomes. Her effect is known for being powerful and numbing
Bubba Island Kush has a strong aroma with mainly sour and fruity Kush notes

Bubba Island Kush has an earthy Kush aroma in which the sour, fruity notes are dominant. This cannabis variety is based on a number of different popular American cannabis strains. Each with their own aroma and flavor profile, this 3-way cross has a unique terpene profile. The aroma is powerful and pungent, so it is highly recommended to use good/new carbon filters when growing this USA cannabis strain.

Our Bubba hybrid guarantees very white blooms that are completely covered with a thick layer of sticky trichomes. In addition to a high THC content, this strain has an amazing mix of terpenes. In general, she smells slightly tart. Gassy/fuel scents are blended with earth, citrus and floral notes. She really is very tasty and for real Kush lovers this is a ‘must grow’ strain!

Bubba Island Kush has an ‘old-school hash plant’ appearance with dark leaves and very white compact buds

Bubba Island Kush tends to develop very dark leaves at the end of the flowering phase. The colours can vary from red, light purple, very dark purple to almost black. The compact structure in combination with the dark leaves and very white buds give the plants a truly ‘old-school’ Afghan Hash plant appearance. Cold temperatures at night accelerate this process. When Bubba Island Kush is grown outdoors, you can expect a huge range of different colours on the leaves. Sometimes purple tones can also appear in the flowers, these are really beautiful phenotypes to see with a great ‘bag appeal’.

What kind of genetics are there in Bubba Island Kush?

These very strong Kush genetics have their origins in North America. The geneticists at Dutch Passion developed this new strain by crossing (Grandaddy Purple x OG Kush) with a pre ’98 Bubba Kush father. The average height is one metre. The fast flowering time of 7.5 weeks and the fruity sour Kush notes make Bubba Island Kush a very special Kush addition to the Dutch Passion collection. Bubba Island Kush is part of our USA Special seed collection, representing the very best genetics from the United States.

Bubba Island Kush is a fast bloomer with compact flowers and a good yield

Bubba Island Kush is an Indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain with a very fast flowering time of only 7-7.5 weeks. Due to this fast life cycle most plants usually remain compact and small, which makes this strain extremely suitable for a fast SOG cultivation. When you work with only a smaller number of plants per m², it is best to pre-grow a little longer (around 5-8 weeks depending on the number of plants per m²) in order to achieve a large yield with this variety.

Her compact growth structure with short internodes makes Bubba Island Kush a very suitable plant to grow with the SOG method. She also does well when grown naturally. Because of the strong branches and her compact structure she has no trouble standing upright, even when grown outdoors. Although she was originally developed as a cannabis strain for indoor cultivation, she can also be grown outdoors thanks to her fast flowering time.

Be careful with a lot of rain and moisture towards the end of the flowering phase. Due to the compact buds, it is recommended to place the plants under a shelter in late flowering. The colder night temperatures really create a beautiful color palette. The leaves can become very dark during the flowering phase. This variety will appeal to true Kush enthusiasts for her special appearance and tasty terpenes. During the fall/autumn, the plants often turn from dark green to red/purple eventually to dark purple or even completely black! The colder it is outside, the sooner you will see these colours.

Bubba Island Kush does not stretch much in bloom, usually coming to a complete stop within 2-3 weeks of the clock switching to 12/12 conditions. From that moment she will put all her energy into the development of her buds. The leaves have a true Indica appearance in the growth phase with thick, greasy fingers that are characteristic of the Indica heritage. Her plant structure can best be described as compact. The internode distance is relatively small and the leaves have a hybrid structure during the flowering phase that clearly leans more towards the Indica side.

The genetics used to create Bubba Island Kush guarantee the following traits:
  • A very compact plant with a fast flowering time
  • A complex terpene profile with a pungent sour, fruity Kush aroma and taste, this tasty Indica dominant USA-Kush hybrid also has a very high THC content.
  • A plant with beautiful dark colours which contrast nicely with the thick white layer of trichomes on the buds.

Bubba Island Kush is the ideal strain for the true Kush lover. Her complex terpene profile will make you want to grow her again and again!

Effects of Bubba Island Kush

Bubba Island Kush has a pleasant and satisfying high. Many smokers experience a powerful narcotic effect which acts on both the body and the mind. Physically, the high is very strong and ensures that you can relax and unwind. It is therefore the ideal cannabis strain for an evening ‘binge-watching’ your favourite series on Netflix. Sit back and relax! The mental effect matches the physical part perfectly. The strain gives you a feeling of well-being and brings you into a calm euphoric ecstasy. The high is strong and a small compact bud of this lady is enough to fill a big joint! Although her buds are usually a bit smaller than average, they are really hard and compact. Don’t smoke too much in one go, because this strain is strong enough for more experienced smokers!

Bubba Island Kush bloom time

Bubba Island Kush is a very compact feminised cannabis strain that can flower very quickly. With an average flowering time of 7-8 weeks, she is one of our fastest flowering photoperiod cannabis strains. If you like a very strong narcotic effect, we recommend that you keep her in bloom for about a week longer. This ensures that most trichomes will turn amber. This provides an extremely potent body high that is unparalleled.

Due to the fast flowering time, the plants usually remain a bit smaller than other strains. So it is important to pre-grow her a little longer if you only work with a small number of plants per m². In a SOG this is not necessary and you get perfect Christmas trees with only a few weeks of growth. This allows very fast grow cycles with this variety.

The yield from Bubba Island Kush

Bubba Island Kush has been given an ‘L’ mark (for ‘Large’ harvests) because of its fairly good yield, though these are perhaps a little lower per m² than you might be used to from some Dutch Passion strains. But with her fast flowering time, she more than makes up for it. The average yield is somewhere between 350-450g/m² in an indoor grow with strong lights.

Outdoors, with proper care and pre-growth, she can yield around 500-750g per plant. Due to her fast flowering time, she can be grown in many different climates, but preferably one as dry as possible. For best results, grow her in a ventilated greenhouse or polytunnel, which protects her from the rain and reduces the risk of bud rot and mold.

Advice from our experts

Bubba Island Kush practically grows on her own, it is a fairly easy strain to grow. She does not require any special growing methods or feeding schedules to achieve a good and tasty end result. She is not a fussy eater in terms of nutrition and will thrive with just about any food line. However, for the tastiest results, we recommend growing her completely organically. This benefits the strong pungent aroma and taste!

If we can give a tip about this strain, it would be to say it’s important not to put her into bloom too early. The strain has little stretch in the flowering phase, so do not expect tall plants but rather compact bushy plants. She is very suitable for growing in a SOG but she can also be grown in a SCROG. The stiff and strong branches can also be cropped and super-cropped, they will not break easily. Topping and fimming is allowed in a SCROG, but in a SOG or in a natural way we strongly advise against this.

The beautiful, well stacked main bloom with glittering white trichomes on the often dark purple/black leaves is something you will not forget quickly!

Information about Bubba Island Kush

This Indica is ideal for hobby growers and licensed producers who are looking for the best quality buds in combination with a short flowering time. These buds have a great bag appeal and the aroma and taste are truly excellent. They are perfect buds to take to a party with friends, everyone will be amazed by the high quality of this lady.


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