Auto White Widow cannabis seeds by Dutch Passion


Auto White Widow is one of the best autoflowers Dutch Passion have created. In addition, this strain is highly recommended for those looking for an easy-to-grow plant that is vigorous and can provide high yields. This is the original White Widow in an autoflowering form.

Technical details

  • Breeder: Dutch Passion
  • Genotype: Indica dominant
  • Dominant terpene: Pinene
  • Genetic lineage: White Widow x ?
  • Medicinal use: Stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, insomnia


Why should I buy Auto White Widow feminised seeds?
  • Auto White Widow is an easy to grow autoflower ideal for the novice grower for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • This autoflower has a fast flowering time of only 10 weeks and ensures high yields.
  • Auto White Widow is the autoflower version of the original, cannabis cup winning White Widow. This THC rich auto is known for its extremely thick, white trichome coating and rock hard buds.
  • If you are looking for the ultimate classic with a very powerful and potent high then our Auto White Widow is exactly what you are looking for. It has a hybrid effect that is both cerebral and physical with a narcotic and anaesthetic effect.
Auto White Widow has a very pungent and intense aroma with fresh, sweet and spicy notes

Auto White Widow produces woody and resinous plants with numerous buds. This autoflower strain produces a strong scent throughout its growth cycle. As the plant matures and the buds become more compact, the amount of resin and the strength of the fragrance increase. She is known for a very intense and pungent aroma during growth and especially after the buds have had a good cure. The scent is usually fruity, creamy and fresh.

Notes of lemon, vanilla and grapefruit give the buds a tart yet sweet character. The taste is fresh, citrusy, sweet and sometimes spicy. The extreme resin coating makes this strain one of the most resin-drenched autoflowers that many growers have ever seen. This auto lives up to its name and excellent reputation. The all-white blooms are covered with a blanket of trichomes. It is therefore not surprising that Dutch Passion have numerous repeat customers for this every year.

Auto White Widow is a resin-infused THC-rich autoflower with a powerful knock-out stone

Auto White Widow is a compact/medium sized autoflower and is one of the easiest autoflowers to grow. This auto does well in all types of grow systems and grow conditions. You can grow her both indoors and outdoors. For best results, grow her in a hydro system. But she also thrives on coco fibre or organic soil. Her thick resin layer and high THC content makes her loved by all types of growers. It is an autoflower with a powerful high and a pleasant effect. THC levels are high for an autoflower and she will average between 15-20% THC if grown in a stable climate with sufficient (sun) light.

What exactly are the genetics in Auto White Widow?

After several years of careful selection, Dutch Passion has succeeded in introducing a very stable and strong Auto White Widow® variety.

This is the highly anticipated automatic version of our best selling original White Widow. Auto White Widow® is a powerful and strong autoflower with a potent high. She was developed from a very special White Widow mother plant, which has won many awards with thousands of satisfied growers. This original White Widow is known globally as a world class cannabis strain, its extreme white buds gave this variety the fame it deserved. Our autoflower version is very similar to the original and the award-winning resin coating is a characteristic that you will also find in this Dutch Passion auto.

Auto White Widow is a compact Indica-dominant autoflower strain with very hard buds and a thick layer of glittering trichomes

Auto White Widow is the automated (autoflowering) version of our well known, cup winning original White Widow strain. It is one of the strongest ‘white’ strains and is widely known for its all-white buds and intense high. This applies to autoflowering Auto White Widow, feminised photoperiod and regular White Widow seeds.

Auto White Widow is a very consistent and stable plant that is easy to grow with any grow method. These autoflower cannabis seeds are a good option for outdoor growers with short summers. They take about 3 months from seed to harvest outdoors. This means they will always be ready in August, even for the most northerly growers, well before the bad and cold weather arrives. For many outdoor growers in more northerly climates, autoflowering cannabis strains such as our Auto White Widow are the best bet for a successful harvest.

Most outdoor auto growers start the germination and pre-growth period indoors on a 24/0 or 20/4 light schedule for approximately 2 weeks. This means if you start germination indoors during mid/late May, the plants can go outside in June. This ensures that you can harvest in August. For best results, growers in the southern hemisphere usually transplant their autoflower seedlings outdoors in December and then harvest them in February.

Auto White Widow also does very well indoors and grows from seed to harvest within 10 weeks on average. It is one of the faster autoflower strains in our collection. The highest yields are possible on hydroponic systems such as DWC.

The genetics used for Auto White Widow guarantee the following properties:
  • A compact, medium sized autoflower with extremely white buds.
  • A fast flowering time, averaging 10 weeks indoors and 12 weeks outdoors.
  • Very compact resinous buds with a high THC content and an intense aroma/high.

Auto White Widow is an easy to grow autoflower suitable for the novice grower, this classic produces very hard white buds with a rich terpene profile.

Effects of Auto White Widow

Auto White Widow has a balanced and pleasant high. This strain has the well-known 80s and 90s White Widow aroma and taste. The variety has a very potent high with an initial uplifting effect, which is followed by a strong body stone. The high is powerful and lasts for several hours. It gives the smoker a pleasant head-high, leaving you in a euphoric and creative state. Many growers claim that the high can also have a strong knock-out effect. This so-called «couch-lock» ensures that you can relax on the couch and enjoy a long evening of gaming or watching a movie. So it is a good combination of both a mental and a physical effect. Its hybrid effect will simultaneously stun and energise you, making it a strain suitable for all times of the day.

The flowering time of Auto White Widow

Auto White Widow is a fast flowering compact Indica dominant hybrid autoflower. Our Auto White Widow grows to about 60-100 cm high.

This strain is ready for harvesting indoors 70-75 days after germination. It is also an easy strain to grow outdoors where the time from cannabis seed to harvest takes around 85-90 days. It is a variety that does not continue to grow for very long, from day 25-30 the plant will start showing pre-flowers.

During the following weeks she grows and flowers at the same time, but after 5-6 weeks most of the stretching and growth is done.

Due to its fast life cycle, our Auto White Widow allows you to complete many grow cycles per year. With the right planning and a short pre-growth period of 2 to a maximum of 2.5 weeks, it is possible to do 6 to even 7 cycles a year. To achieve this you need to have a stable/good climate (around 20-27ºC) and strong lamps, preferably with 20 hours of daily light. It is a beautiful and fast autoflower of a very high quality level, a classic to love.

The yield of Auto White Widow

This variety can provide fast and high yields. Experienced indoor growers can achieve over 200g per plant, especially when grown in a hydro system. She also does well on coco or soil and yields of around 75-100g are possible, even for novice growers.

The expected yield in outdoor cultivation ranges from about 50-150g per plant. The climate, the number of hours of sunshine per day, etc. have a major effect on the final weight and result.

On average, she can yield around 450-500 g/m2, but with the right knowledge and experience, higher yields are also possible. Especially when grown in a SOG setup. All in all, Auto White Widow is simply an excellent autoflower that makes it easy to get a good yield of compact sticky buds bursting with THC-rich trichomes.

Advice from our experts

Auto White Widow has a strong odour throughout the cycle so it is recommended to use good/new carbon filters to control smell. In general this strain grows into medium sized autoflowers with a compact structure and thick strong branches.

Under high quality lighting, the plants grow quite quickly with many side branches. This ensures many buds in a small area and therefore extra high yields. If you are looking for a strong narcotic effect, we recommend that you let it bloom a little longer before harvest.

In the end, more amber trichomes will form in the blooms. These amber trichomes ultimately provide a more powerful effect, creating an even stronger White Widow high that is strong enough to knock people out. That makes it a real couch lock strain. Ideal for smoking in the evening/at night before going to sleep.

Information about Auto White Widow

Auto White Widow is one of the best autoflowers Dutch Passion have created. In addition, this strain is highly recommended for those looking for an easy-to-grow plant that is vigorous and can provide high yields. This is the original White Widow in an autoflowering form.

From the way she grows, the compactness and appearance of the buds, the scent she produces, the rock-hard buds to the extreme layer of resin completely filled with trichomes. This is an autoflower to love!


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