Auto Mokum’s Tulip cannabis seeds by Dutch Passion


This autoflower does well in the hands of experts and novices alike. She grows very white buds that are overloaded with trichomes. Very frosty and sticky, ideal for making your own cannabis concentrate.

Technical details

  • Breeder: Dutch Passion
  • Genotype: Indica dominant
  • Dominant terpene: Linalool
  • Genetic lineage: Mokum’s Tulip x Auto Colorado Cookies
  • Medicinal use: Stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain
  • Awards: Mokum’s Tulip won 1st place in the Indica category of the Clouds in the City Cup in 2019, 2nd place in the Farallones Medical Cannabis Cup in 2019, and 2nd place in the Dutch Flowers Cup in 2020.


Why should I buy Auto Mokum’s Tulip feminised seeds?
  • Auto Mokum’s Tulip is a stable and compact autoflower using USA cannabis genetics. Her compact structure and strong branches make this a pleasant/easy strain to grow naturally
  • This hybrid USA autoflower has an average flowering time and is ready from seed to harvest in approximately 11-12 weeks
  • Auto Mokum’s Tulip produces compact, strong-smelling flowers with a thick layer of resin. The potent buds are loaded with trichomes and have a high THC content averaging between 15-20%
  • It is an autoflowering variety with a pungent terpene profile and an intense flavor experience. The high is powerful and long lasting. The effect is a hybrid high with both physical and mental aspects
Auto Mokum’s Tulip has a potent and exceptional terpene profile. She smells mainly sweet, creamy and fruity and tastes like candy/ice cream

Auto Mokum’s Tulip is a potent autoflower with an exceptional terpene profile. Her white buds are loaded with trichomes. In addition to the strong pungent smell, this is also a very potent autoflower that easily achieves between 15-20% THC.

Her aroma can best be described as sweet, floral, creamy and fruity. In addition, she also has special vanilla notes in her terpene profile. Something that you will not often encounter with other strains. Some phenotypes also lean a little towards the diesel and kush side, but this is generally less noticeable compared to the photoperiod Mokum’s Tulip strain.

The taste is usually described as creamy, fruity and candy-like. Her gelato genes are very recognisable to those in the know. This is a suitable variety for smoking neat (without tobacco) or vaping in a vaporiser. This is where her sweet floral profile comes into her own. Auto Mokum’s Tulip is an autoflower strain based on authentic American genetics that you will love!

Auto Mokum’s Tulip is a USA autoflower strain with hard compact buds. Excellent for the beginner looking for a tasty autoflower based on sought-after American genetics

These autoflowering cannabis seeds grow into compact to medium sized autoflowers with hard and compact buds. Although the plants do not grow very large, they can still provide quite a large yield. The buds remain compact, even after drying, and this ensures that even with a small bud you can easily roll 2 joints. This is an excellent autoflower strain for the beginner looking for the most sought after American flavors of Gelato, Sherbet and Cookies.

What kind of genetics is in Auto Mokum’s Tulip exactly?

The sweet smell of Dutch tulips, who doesn’t love that?! Nothing can beat this sweet aroma combined with the great diesel and doughy terpene profile. Add this to the intense high this strain provides to the user and you can see why our autoflower aficionado customers asked for an autoflowering seed version of the photoperiod feminised Mokum’s Tulip strain. Your wish is our command, so make your voice heard for this beautiful new autoflower, Auto Mokum’s Tulip!

The genetics in this autoflower are based on the well-known and acclaimed American Gelato and Sherbet genetics (Mokum’s Tulip). This feminised cross represents Cookie genetics at their best! Our geneticists then crossed this strain with our Auto Colorado Cookies and the result is impressive. Very frosty in appearance, incredibly sticky and potent, our Auto Mokum’s Tulip is a beautiful autoflower that is suitable for cannabis connoisseurs and aficionados.

Auto Mokum’s Tulip is a classic and easy to grow autoflower strain with a compact structure with thick sticky flowers and a good yield

Auto Mokum’s Tulip is an easy autoflowering plant to grow. No special feeding or growing techniques are required to grow these autoflower seeds. She grows into a medium height cannabis plant with a compact plant, leaf and bud structure. These hybrid autoflower plants can be grown indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse. We do recommend that you pay close attention to high humidity, as this strain reacts less well to it and can be slightly more susceptible to mold and top rot if it is exposed to this for too long.

For the rest she is an easy plant to work with. Due to her compact growth pattern, you hardly need to train or manipulate her. This is a vigorous auto with strong branches that stand upright easily, even in late flowering. The strain really has a beautiful appearance.

Some of Auto Mokum’s Tulip’s four phenotypes have beautiful purple tones in the flowers. She also has some very special vanilla notes in her terpene profile. She leans towards the diesel side, but slightly less than her photoperiod parent. However, she has the same potency and colours as well as the XL potential. Indoors, she grows from autoflower seed to harvest in about 12 weeks.

Since Auto Mokum’s Tulip produces a lot of resin, you can use her to make hash and give excellent rosin yields. Do not throw away your trimmings/leaves from this plant – that would be a shame. Take the opportunity to make ice-o-lator hash. Or make rosin from the cutting waste with baking paper between a flat iron (if you don’t have a rosin press). You will be thrilled with the results of this THC rich resin infused beauty!

The plants have a compact-to-medium plant structure and will grow to an average size of around 50-100 cm. This of course depends greatly on the conditions in the grow room and also the size of the pots that are used. The internode distance is short to medium, her buds grow fairly close together, although some phenotypes can show just a little more leaf growth. She is completely full of resin and is excellent material for making hash or other cannabis concentrates.

The genetics used for Auto Mokum’s Tulip guarantee the following properties:
  • A compact hybrid autoflower with a large central main cola and many firm and compact side blooms.
  • Auto Mokum’s Tulip is a high yielding strain, going from seed to harvest in just 11-12 weeks on average.
  • This autoflower does well in the hands of experts and novices alike. She grows very white buds that are overloaded with trichomes. Very frosty and sticky, ideal for making your own cannabis concentrate.

Auto Mokum’s Tulip is a powerful potent autoflower, the THC level in this strain varies between 15-20% and is therefore significantly higher than the average of the weed in Dutch coffee shops.

Effects of Auto Mokum’s Tulip

The effect of the Auto Mokum’s Tulip is relaxing, calming, slightly euphoric and stress-reducing. It is a hybrid effect with both physical and mental characteristics. The ‘body’ effect is usually slightly stronger than the mental effect. Due to her potency, the high is powerful and relatively long-lasting. The head high is slightly euphoric, energetic and dreamy. Most customers experience a pleasant feeling that allows you to relax and dream away.

A pleasant hybrid high that has something for everyone. The fantastic terpene profile makes it a tasteful smoking experience that lets you enjoy the moment. This autoflower strain is suitable for use throughout the day, for example for a wake & bake, an afternoon joint, a joint in the sun or a nice vape session on the couch in the evening are all possible!

The flowering time of Auto Mokum’s Tulip

Auto Mokum’s Tulip has an average flowering time of 12 weeks. This applies to plants grown under either 18 hours of light or 20 hours of light per day. The seed-to-harvest period is approximately 80 to 85 days. The plants grow on average to between 50-100cm tall. This is a strong all-round cannabis plant that can be grown by beginners and experts alike.

Outdoors, she thrives in warmer, but mostly dry, areas. Growers in the Mediterranean region will be able to achieve very good results with this strain. Unfortunately, Auto Mokum’s Tulip is less suitable for outdoor cultivation in temperate climates, especially not for guerrilla cultivation. If you live in a temperate/cool climate and can grow this strain in pots, on the balcony or in the garden, she will do just fine. She prefers a sunny place with a shelter, so that moisture/rain causes less damage.

The yield of Auto Mokum’s Tulip

Auto Mokum’s Tulip produces a large yield in a relatively short period from autoflower seed to harvest. Her compact buds provide good yields. This is a reliable autoflower strain that can produce a beautiful harvest in the right hands and conditions. Towards the end of the flowering phase you will discover why this strain is so loved.

Her sticky buds can show great colour towards the end of bloom, giving her great looks and bag appeal. On average yields of between 400-500g/m2 will be possible if grown in good conditions and with the right care. For beginners, the yield can be a bit lower and you should aim for about 300-400 g/m2 the first time. Outdoors, she can yield between 50-100g per plant. The more sun and the drier the climate, the better the yield and the final quality will be.

Advice from our experts

Auto Mokum’s Tulip is a plant that quickly gained acceptance in the grower community. Her excellent quality and very tasty terpene profile are what made this variety popular. She does well on both organic soil/food, but she can also be grown in coco fibre or in a hydro system. She likes an airy oxygen-rich medium at all times. An airpot, smart-pot or root pouch is recommended because of the reduced chance of an excessively-wet medium.

When grown indoors, it is smart to provide sufficient air movement. An extra ‘clip fan’ that also provides a breeze in the lower part of the grow room is recommended. Also keep the humidity preferably below 40%. When growing outdoors, you should preferably provide a shelter and a location with a natural breeze.

Do not position her in a sheltered place without wind, in the shade or in a greenhouse without good ventilation. Although the quality will be fine, she can be more susceptible to mold and bud rot in areas with a lot of morning dew. As always, grow her with organic nutrients for the best tasting buds!

Information about Auto Mokum’s Tulip

With Auto Mokum’s Tulip we hope to be able to offer lovers of our feminised seed (photoperiod) version Mokum’s Tulip an alternative for both outdoor and indoor cultivation. This autoflowering seed version may be slightly easier to grow than our photoperiod strain. This makes her ideal for beginners and experts who want to experience the same taste explosion!


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