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Auto Mazar is the result of crossing our original Mazar variety with an Indica-dominant autoflower. Mazar (Afghani x Skunk # 1) is a legendary cannabis strain that has been used by many other seedbanks and breeders to develop new powerful poly hybrids. The award-winning Indica-dominant Mazar formed the basis of this powerful and stable autoflower. This auto was one of the first from Dutch Passion to be developed during the emergence of the autoflower strains in the cannabis world.

Technical details

  • Breeder: Dutch Passion
  • Genotype: Indica dominant
  • Dominant Terpene: Caryophyllene
  • Genetic lineage: Mazar x Ruderalis strain
  • Medicinal use: Stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, insomnia


Why should I buy Auto Mazar feminised seeds?
  • Easy to cultivate, Auto Mazar grows from seed to harvest in about 10 weeks. She grows fast in just about all types of grow conditions and grow methods
  • This Indica-dominant autoflower has a vigorous development with many thick heavy side branches and a large main bloom
  • Auto Mazar is known for its very generous yield and high quality, with a potent high that is strong enough for both experienced medical and recreational users
  • It is a cannabis strain with a pungent earthy aroma, a true Afghan Kush autoflower that thrives both outdoors and indoors
Auto Mazar has an earthy Kush aroma with spicy and citrusy notes of lime and haze

Auto Mazar is an all-time favourite among our customers. This is a classic autoflower variety that grows and flowers best under 20 hours of daily light and produces very potent weed that is certainly not inferior to a quality photoperiod strain. We have had this autoflower in our collection for over a decade and it is one of the founders of the autoflower revolution which has unfolded over the last 10 years. In terms of smell and taste, this strain comes close to a traditional Afghan hashish strain with earthy and spicy Kush notes accompanied by a more fruity citrus scent with a strong lime / lemon aroma. The taste is comparable to the fragrance – earthy, Kush and lemon. A little bit pungent and sometimes slightly pine-like, as with a Haze variety. Auto Mazar has potent buds with a powerful relaxed high that will let you enjoy the moment immensely and bring you a relaxed vibe.

Auto Mazar is a perfect variety for the beginner grower looking for an easy plant with a high yield and potential

Many home growers love our Auto Mazar for its ease of cultivation and the fact that this stable robust plant grows vigorously in a variety of growing conditions. This is an autoflower variety that has proven itself consistently, both indoors and outdoors. We recommend Auto Mazar for both first time growers and inexperienced autoflower growers. This strain does well indoors under 20 hours of daily light in any type of growing system whether in soil, coco or hydro. Over the years, we have seen many first-time cannabis growers achieve very good yields with our Auto Mazar. Without any experience it is possible to yield 50-100g of thick compact buds with this lady. It’s a forgiving variety that copes well with minor beginner mistakes.

What kind of genetics does Auto Mazar contain?

Auto Mazar is the result of crossing our original Mazar variety with an Indica-dominant autoflower. Mazar (Afghani x Skunk # 1) is a legendary cannabis strain that has been used by many other seedbanks and breeders to develop new powerful poly hybrids. The award-winning Indica-dominant Mazar formed the basis of this powerful and stable autoflower. This auto was one of the first from Dutch Passion to be developed during the emergence of the autoflower strains in the cannabis world.

It turned out to be a hit, many of the first generation autoflowers remained small and had little potential. At the time there was a fear among growers that autoflowers were not good enough to compete with photoperiod plants. Our Auto Mazar immediately made this a thing of the past. Auto Mazar was also the basis for Blue Auto Mazar, where it was crossed with another legendary strain from Dutch Passion, the original Blueberry.

After all these years, we are very proud that we still have this beautiful Auto Mazar plant in our collection. Even novice growers can achieve more than 100g per plant. It remains one of the most reliable autoflower strains on the market!

Auto Mazar is a classic autoflower strain with a compact Christmas tree structure with thick buds and sticky flowers

Auto Mazar® is a truly excellent autoflower, robust and easy to grow. You can be sure that Auto Mazar® will deliver great quality cannabis. One of the first things that most customers notice is the development of the side branches. With enough light (sunlight or a strong grow light) this lady grows in a beautiful Christmas tree structure/shape with many thick side branches full of heavy flowers and a nice large main bloom.

Novice growers can achieve good yields, even if they have little or no experience with autoflowers or growing in general. Experienced growers can achieve several hundred grams per plant in good conditions. The current record for one single Auto Mazar plant is 900g of dry buds. See the link to the blog at the bottom of this text for more information and beautiful photos. It is not only the yield that keeps many customers returning, the quality of the buds is also clear. Auto Mazar has a strong Afghan Indica buzz, with a high THC content, a relaxing anti-anxiety effect and a strong body stone.

Auto Mazar grows well both outdoors and indoors, it is one of our most appreciated outdoor strains along with Auto Ultimate, Auto Euforia and Auto Duck. Outdoors, the growing period takes a little longer, around 85-100 days to fully ripen from seed to harvest. Try to pick the best 3 summer months at all times for the most successful result. In Western and Northern Europe, this means that most autoflower growers grow their seedlings indoors under 20-24 hours light per day from the middle / end of May. Then they are placed outside in June, after the last night frost has passed. This results in a harvest period around the end of July or early August. Southern Hemisphere growers usually put the plants outside during early December and harvest in February / March.

The genetics used for Auto Mazar guarantee the following traits:
  • A compact autoflower with a beautiful Christmas tree structure with many side branches and sturdy buds
  • An XL yielding variety that typically grows from seed to harvest in about 10 weeks indoors and around 10-14 weeks outdoors
  • A very easy to grow autoflower suitable for beginners in all types of growing media, growing systems and growing conditions

Auto Mazar is a very robust and reliable autoflower strain. She grows compact buds that are full of resin and quite sticky with a strong earthy/Kush and fresh lemony aroma.

Effects of Auto Mazar

Auto Mazar and its potent Indica genetics are loved for the strong body effect and pleasant high. It is a wonderful smoke. It usually tastes like a real Kush, with mainly earthy and piney notes, but there are also phenotypes that lean more towards a Haze aroma and taste, slightly pungent with a fruity lemon flavor. The high starts in the head, but quickly transforms into a more physical effect. The effect is both relaxing, energising and uplifting at the same time. If you let the plant ripen for a little longer, it will get more amber trichomes, which will enhance the «couch-lock» effect. Customers looking for the strongest anaesthetic effect possible will appreciate this. Recreational and medical users alike appreciate this autoflower strain for its potent high that can last for several hours.

The flowering time of Auto Mazar

Auto Mazar has an average flowering time of approximately 10 weeks indoors. During this time this Dutch Passion auto grows into a beautiful compact cannabis plant with a classic Christmas tree structure and thick compact buds. It is a strain with a nice ‘bag appeal’ once the firm buds are dried and cured.

Outdoors, Auto Mazar takes between 10 and 14 weeks to fully ripen. The different types of weather conditions affect the eventual time it takes for the autoflower to finish flowering. Indoors can be done in as little as 70 days, but growing outdoors usually takes a little longer, especially in the more temperate and colder climates. Grow her during the sunniest and drier summer months for the fastest and best results. Due to her very compact flowers at the end of the flowering phase she does not like constant rain, although she can tolerate some moisture without getting mold or bud rot.

The yield of Auto Mazar

Auto Mazar® plants reach an average height of 70 to 80cm. They are strong and provide you with a very good yield. Novice growers typically harvest around 50g of potent, sticky bud per plant. Experienced growers can count on a yield of 100 to 200+ grams per plant, especially in a hydro system. The best result so far is 900g from one plant.

With indoor cultivation you can achieve an average of around 500g/m2. This autoflower does well outdoors and can be grown in the earth/garden as well as in containers. It is an ideal balcony plant that, due to its compact structure, can be placed unseen just about anywhere. Average yields will be between 50-150g per plant provided she gets enough light and nutrition.

Advice from our experts

Auto Mazar grows almost by itself, it has a compact Christmas tree structure with strong branches and full, compact buds. Because of this good plant structure, we recommend that you do not top or ‘fim’ this plant. She already remains quite small and stocky, so there is no need to top her. In addition, you would lose her nice thick main bud and that is the most beautiful part of this Indica-dominant lady!

For the best possible result, it is best to grow her on a hydro system. If you choose to do this, always ensure that you take the following tips to heart. Check your pH and EC values at least 1x per day, but if possible 2x per day. Check and calibrate your pH and EC meters on a regular basis. Use a strong air pump so that there is enough oxygen in your water and don’t forget to check the temperature of your water and cool or heat it if necessary. However, if you want to achieve the most flavourful terpene profile we recommend growing her completely organically. This is also the easiest feeding method for the novice grower.

Information about Auto Mazar

Probably the main reason there are so many repeat Auto Mazar growers is the fact that this plant is capable of producing very strong cannabis buds without too much effort. For novice growers this is the ideal strain to get acquainted with autoflowers and for experts it is the perfect strain to push the limits to the maximum. If you have not grown this strain yet, you should definitely give it a try this year, whether it is indoors or outdoors!

AutoMazar® Dutch Passion – Cannabis growing time lapse from Dutch Passion on Vimeo.


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