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Amsterdam Amnesia is a true original Amnesia Haze from the Amsterdam underground scene and a connoisseurs classic. This sativa is known for a potent and pungent terpene profile with a full-bodied citrus haze flavour explosion and a strong high. The ease-of-growth with this strain ensures that anyone is able to produce a world-class Haze-dominant sativa. This is a strain you won’t quickly forget!

Technical details

  • Breeder: Dutch Passion
  • Genotype: Sativa dominant
  • Dominant terpene: Caryophyllene
  • Genetic lineage: Amnesia Haze x Amsterdam
  • Medicinal use: Stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain


Why should I buy Amsterdam Amnesia feminised seeds?
  • Amsterdam Amnesia is an original Amnesia Haze hybrid with a high yield and a high THC-percentage averaging around 20%. In good conditions, this can go up to 25% THC.
  • In addition to an exceptionally pungent aroma, this sativa-dominant cannabis strain has a very strong taste. The terpene profile is dominated by beta-caryophyllene, limonene, terpinolene, beta and alpha-pinene.
  • Amsterdam Amnesia is easy to grow and has a very high yield. Her large long buds provide an XXL yield with an average flowering time of 10 weeks.
  • The Amsterdam Amnesia high is very powerful and long lasting. The effect is energetic, uplifting, social and trippy. A real head rush, suitable for even the most experienced cannabis smokers!
Amsterdam Amnesia has a very pungent aroma of haze and lemon, the taste is exactly like it smells with a fresh and spicy haze dominant terpene profile

Amsterdam Amnesia is a very potent and intoxicating sativa-dominant hybrid. This classic Amnesia Haze is considered one of the best known and most distinctive cannabis varieties from Amsterdam. Both the aroma and taste of this cup-winning cannabis strain are those of a real haze with very fresh/spicy notes and a sweet-sour undertone of citrus fruit.

She is very penetrating and pungent. Both the aroma and taste are easily recognisable as those of the classic Haze. Because of the fresh citrus-dominant notes you immediately know that this is an original Amnesia Haze. Tastes exactly like it smells! Prepare yourself for a fantastic taste experience. Whether smoked in a joint or vape, this cannabis strain provides a very pleasant smoke/vape experience! A sativa to love.

Amsterdam Amnesia is a direct progeny of perhaps the best-selling cannabis strain in the world: Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze cannabis seeds and cuttings have dominated the Dutch cannabis market for decades. There is an Amnesia Haze on the menu in just about every coffee shop. Our Amnesia is also known abroad for her unmistakably high quality! Her potency and excellent terpene profile have made this strain a true cannabis classic. In addition, she is easy to grow and ensures a high yield. A bestseller that you should definitely try!

What kind of cannabis genetics are in Amsterdam Amnesia exactly?

The most original and best Amnesia Haze in the world is of course an Amsterdam product, how could it be otherwise? In just a few years, this Dutch sativa-dominant strain with a high yield and a very attractive flower-to-leaf ratio has taken the world by storm and has become the first choice for many commercial growers at home and abroad.

Dutch Passion’s collection of feminised seeds would not be complete without the timeless Haze classic Amsterdam Amnesia. Derived from the original Amnesia genetics, this THC-rich sativa has an overwhelming potency and traits of the best Haze strains ever produced around the world.

Amsterdam Amnesia is a very stable and potent sativa-dominant Haze hybrid with an exceptionally high yield of the highest quality, full of cannabinoids and terpenes

Amsterdam Amnesia is a true original Amnesia Haze from the Amsterdam underground scene and a connoisseurs classic. This sativa is known for a potent and pungent terpene profile with a full-bodied citrus haze flavour explosion and a strong high. The ease-of-growth with this strain ensures that anyone is able to produce a world-class Haze-dominant sativa. This is a strain you won’t quickly forget!

The feminised Amsterdam Amnesia Haze takes approximately 9-10 weeks to fully mature. She produces slender sativa leaves, allowing more light to reach the lower branches, and has strong resistance to spider mites. This lady can stretch quite a bit once she’s in bloom, so make sure height isn’t an issue in your grow room. The buds of this strain grow long and full, compared to most sativas, the buds are also quite compact. This together ensures a true XXL yield of the highest quality! The buds are full of resin and look really beautiful.

This is a very suitable strain for growers who are looking for a real Haze experience but don’t like a long flowering time of 12 -14 weeks. Amsterdam Amnesia can be grown both indoors and outdoors. Outside this is only possible in warm, sunny areas (such as the Mediterranean area) and warm tropical areas. She can grow very large in the right conditions. But if height is an issue, you can easily train her.

Topping/fimming ensures an even greater yield. You can also use LST, bend and snap and scrog to control her height somewhat. You can even ‘supercrop’ this plant. This is a plant that thrives using these well-known growing techniques.

Amsterdam Amnesia generally has a short to medium internode distance. The flowers can grow nicely together and completely fill the branches from head to toe with sticky THC-rich cannabis buds. The stretchier sativa-dominant plants usually have a little more space between the buds. A beautiful plant to see in both the growth and flowering phase!

The genetics used for Amsterdam Amnesia guarantee the following properties:
  • A medium to large plant (depending on the length of the pre-growth period) with a nice slender sativa-dominant structure and a very favourable flower-to-leaf ratio
  • Amsterdam Amnesia is a perfect feminised cannabis seed option for the real ‘cannasseurs’. Fans of classic Haze strains are sure to get their money’s worth!
  • This strain produces stable, robust plants with big blooms, it is a good yielder with top quality buds in just 10 weeks!

Amsterdam Amnesia is easy to grow and suitable for all types of growers. Both beginners and experts should produce top quality results with this lady!

Effects of Amsterdam Amnesia

Amsterdam Amnesia is well worth growing. Her powerful high and long-lasting effect provide a unique experience for all your senses! This is a strong high, one that may be slightly less suitable for novice users. However, experienced smokers will enjoy this strain. With her sky-high THC content, you can set yourself up for a powerful effect that will last for hours!

All in all, few cannabis strains can match this high. It is a high with both mental and physical effects, but the ‘head-high’ is by far the strongest. This is a true classic Haze variety. Energetic, creative and up-lifting. The euphoric feeling is strong and creates a mental dream state. It can even be a bit trippy & racy at times. This is the perfect strain to get you through your day. But beware, if you smoke too much she can knock you out!

The flowering time of Amsterdam Amnesia

Amsterdam Amnesia has an average flowering time of 9 to 10 weeks. This is a fast Haze variety that stretches well within her short flowering time. Due to her relatively longer bloom time, though still very fast for a true Haze, she is not suitable for outdoor growing in temperate or colder climates. This strain thrives in dry sunny climates as well as in the tropics. She prefers a warm and sunny sunny climate.

Due to her strong, fast-growing branches, this sativa strain can be grown in both a SCROG and SOG setup. If you work with more plants per m2, you can work with short growing periods to reduce the seed-to-harvest period. This variety is also suitable for growing as a very large individual plant. In a SCROG with a long pre-growth period of 6-8 weeks, she can fill an entire grow room and provide a very high yield.

The yield of Amsterdam Amnesia

Amsterdam Amnesia is a high yielding sativa-dominant hybrid. Our Amnesia Haze guarantees an XXL yield. Expect extra high yields of full flowers with citrus notes and more compact buds than most other sativa weed varieties. The blooms grow really long and full. Especially when she is given room to grow. Her thick branches ensure that she can bear quite a bit of weight. An average yield of 500–600 g/m2 should be achievable for everyone.

In an indoor grow, the plants easily reach heights between 1-1.5 meters, even with a short pre-growth period. Therefore, it is recommended to manipulate this strain using breeding techniques. You can also top and fim her to increase width. Both LST and HST techniques have a yield-increasing effect on this cannabis strain. Outdoors in the right conditions this becomes a plant of epic proportions and plants between 3-4 meters are the rule rather than the exception! Yields can be up to 1.5 kg per plant.

Advice from our experts

Amsterdam Amnesia is a beautiful haze hybrid that will amaze anyone who has not yet experienced her exceptional bud quality. A true sativa and haze strain that is definitely at the higher end of the spectrum in terms of quality. In addition to her exceptional quality, this strain also has a fantastic yield. And it is not difficult to achieve.

She may require a little less nutrition than other strains, but as long as you don’t overfeed her, she’s pretty easy to understand. A tip is to start with a lower nutritional dose in the growth phase and build it up slowly. Keep in mind that haze strains can appear slightly lighter green than, for example, traditional indicas or Afghanis. But she must be green. As soon as she becomes light-yellowish it is a signal that she isn’t getting enough nutrition! Increase your nutrient dose and make sure she receives a little more Nitrogen (N).

Do you want to achieve the highest yield with this Amnesia Haze? Then we recommend growing her in a SCROG setup. By constantly bending and securing her with tie-wraps you create a level canopy of buds. All these blooms will therefore receive the same PPFD (light) levels and thus have the potential to grow equally large and potent. For the tastiest result we recommend using organic food, this is also the ultimate/easiest solution for the beginner. Slow-release foods such as BioTabs are the ideal nutrient line to start with!

Information about Amsterdam Amnesia

Our Amsterdam Amnesia is already a real cannabis classic. Her smell, her taste and the potency of the buds are the main reasons to grow this strain. The high is also very powerful and long lasting. You will also be very happy with the final result! A real Haze that you just have to try!


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